ASTM B88 L type-90D Copper Elbow

ASTM B88 L type-90D Copper Elbow

For the high pressure refrigerator .We have developed ASTM B88 L type Copper fittings .For example R410A gas .The material is C12200 which we called TP2 in china. This type fittings's thickness is thicker than the M type.

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ASTM B88 L Type-90D Copper Elbow


The ASTM B88 L type copper fittings is thicker than M type which can be used in R410A gas . The material also is C12200 .The regular package is plastic bag,carton ,wooden pallet. Those fittings also will be printed customer's logo and size.


The available size below:

O.D Thickness
3/8 0.76mm
1/2 0.89mm
5/8 1.02mm
3/4 1.07mm
7/8 1.14mm
1-1/8 1.27mm
1-3/8 1.4mm
1-5/8 1.52mm